Embracing Alfresco Areas For Your Patrons

Customers dining and socialising inside your venue enjoy the atmosphere of quality audio and background music. Your customers sitting outside should have the same experience.

With significant grants available from state governments there's no time like the present to upgrade the customer experience in outdoor areas.

"Most of the additional spending resulting from complementary music went toward the drink bill, which increased by as much as 51%!"

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Confidence In Clarity - Ambience Is Everything

Creating the right atmosphere is essential to your restaurant’s success, and quality sound is a key element of an enjoyable experience. Our systems can help set the mood across every part of your property, from reception to the dining area, all while blending into the background.

"66% of customers say they are more likely to stay at an establishment longer if they like the music being played"

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We Are Here To Help You With Your Sound System Design

With a national retail network and an in house system engineering team, we can help you design an AV system to fit your performance requirements.

Simply fill out the enquiry form at below and we'll get straight back to you.

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Bringing The Indoor Cafe And Restaurant Experience To The Outdoors

World cities like New York and London have led the way in transforming footpaths and roads to create whole new experiences.

The outdoor areas come with a different set of challenges to inside. Indoor spaces are more or less controlled environments. Outdoor settings are exposed to the elements. Not having the correct speakers can cost more than investing in fit for purpose solutions.

"71% of customers think playing background music creates a better atmosphere inbars and restaurants."