Validate Your Shure Product

Have you bought a genuine Shure product?

Have you got bought a genuine Shure product?

In today’s online world the spread of counterfeit products has gone global and the range of goods being copied is increasing significantly. Counterfeiters illegally copy leading brands for financial advantage and unfortunately they are targeting some of the top selling Shure products, in particular the SM58 and SM57. Like all counterfeit products, they may look like the real thing but the counterfeit knockoffs are made with inferior cheap components resulting in poor audio performance. Given the audio quality is so poor you may wonder why the trade in counterfeits has increased in recent time. We have found that customers are often tempted into buying fake product because the prices are so cheap and they say they looked like the real thing. If the price sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

Confirm you have got a genuine Shure product

Jands Pty Ltd is the exclusive distributor of Shure product in Australia. Buying Shure product from one of our Authorised Dealers is the only way to ensure you are getting genuine Shure productss that are backed by Warranty.

To make it even easier to ensure you are buying genuine Shure items from an Authorised Dealer in Australia, Jands has a Shure anti-counterfeit sticker on a broad range of Shure's products that have the potential to be targeted by illegal counterfeiters. This includes Shure wired microphones such as PG, SM, BETA and KSM series; complete wireless systems, typically sold through retail outlets and online, like SVX, BLX, GLX-D and SLX; and Shure's personal audio products including SE earbuds and SRH headphones. 

Look for the silver hologram sticker on a reseller’s stock to ensure they are getting their Shure products from the exclusive Australian Distributor of Shure and are backed by Warranty.   

Validate your Shure product

Counterfeiters target and copy the top selling products of leading brands. As a result Jands has introduced a silver hologram identification sticker on the boxes of a broad range of Shure's products. Each sticker carries its own individual Serial Number that you can enter below to confirm it is a genuine Shure product, sold by an Authorised Dealer in Australia, and is backed by Warranty. 

How to Validate

Need to validate your Shure product? Our online serial checker is the fast and secure way to verify the authenticity of your product. You will find the silver hologram sticker on the outside box of your Shure product.

Note: Jands put the silver hologram sticker on a broad range of Shure products that have the potential to be targeted by illegal counterfeiters. 

  1. Look for the silver hologram sticker on your Shure product. 
  2. Enter the unique serial number on the hologram sticker into the box below and press enter.
  3. If your Shure product is authentic a confirmation page will appear below.
  4. If your Shure product is not authentic a page will appear with the appropriate details of who you should contact.
  5. If the serial number you have entered has been verified previously a message will appear with the details of when, and how many times, this occurred. If you receive this message on the first time that you verify your product, we advise you contact us on the details provided.
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