Product Warranty Registration

Thank you for choosing a Jands Manufactured or Jands Imported product. Used correctly, your equipment should perform faultlessly for many years. However in the event that the product should fail during the course of normal operation it is backed by a full parts and labour warranty.

To provide you with the best and fastest possible service, we would request that you fill out the warranty form within thirty (30) days of purchase.

The Terms and Conditions of this warranty are detailed in the linked pages below. These terms and conditions are in addition to your statutory rights.

It is important that you retain your receipt showing purchase date and serial number. BUT, we all know how easy it is to misplace receipts. So, if you upload a copy of your receipt below while registering your warranty, Jands will hold onto it for you for the duration of your product's warranty.

Please note: Jands customer records are kept confidential and are used exclusively by Jands and Manufacturers of products imported by Jands (such as Shure, etc). We do not distribute information provided by our clients and customers to other third parties.

Brand Warranty Period
Ampetronic 5 Years
Anolis 5 Years
Apart Audio 2 Years
Aveo Systems 5 Years
Biamp 5 Years
3 Years (CM1-6W, CM1-6WS, Vocia MS-1, Vocia TTS-1 and TTS-1nc)
2 Years (Devio CR-1T, Devio CR-1C, Devio DTM-1, Devio DCM-1, Vocia MS-1e, Vocia TTS-1e and TTS-1nce)
Cambridge Sound Management 5 Years
Cerwin-Vega 3 Years
Chroma-Q 2 Years
Clear-Com 2 Years
Community Professional Loudspeakers 5 Years (All C SERIES, D SERIES, E SERIES, I SERIES, L SERIES, T SERIES, R SERIES, V SERIES, and W SERIES Loudspeaker Systems, all HORNS and all MOUNTING KITS)
4 Years (ALC amplified loudspeaker controllers)
15 Years (Loudspeaker enclosures of all  R SERIES and W SERIES loudspeakers, and any loudspeaker enclosure (cabinet) constructed entirely of PolyGlas™)
New loudspeakers and compression drivers sold individually are warranted for two (2) years. Loudspeakers and compression drivers sold
as replacement parts, not installed in Community loudspeaker systems, are covered by
this limited warranty for a period of ninety (90) days
Digital Audio Labs 2 Years
Dynacord All Bosch, Dynacord and Electro-Voice service and repairs are carried out by Silicon Heaven.
Ph: +61 (2) 8883 3167
ETC 2 Years
1 Year (Smart Products)
5 Years (Unison Mosaic, Echo and LED Fixtures)
10 Years (LED Array only within LED Fixtures*)
Furman 2 Years
GDS 2 Years
HRT 5 Years
Jands 2 Years
KRK 3 Years (Powered & Passive Monitors)
1 Year (Other items)
L-Acoustics 5 Years (Products purchased after January 1st, 2013)
Movecat 2 Years
Pathway 2 Years
Pioneer DJ 1 Year
RF Venue 2 Years
Robe 2 Years
Stanton 1 Year
Shure 2 Years
Ushio 2 Years
*Covers LED failure only, does not cover lumen maintenance (L70) or colour maintenance.